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Our history

We had the opportunity to live for a year in Seattle, a great city in the United States. 

There, we discovered the Doodles that I didn't know at all. I was immediately seduced by these dogs and their fluffy looks, hence their nicknames, "Teddy Bears". Beyond their looks, they are dogs that adapt very easily to the way of life of their masters: they love hiking, they also like to swim a lot, but they can also spend a lot of time with their masters to cuddle. Another undeniable asset about these dogs is that they are ideal for people with allergies, and/or like me, people who are freaks of cleanliness since they shed very little or no hair.

I am married, and I have three children who dreamed of having a dog.

So I decided to adopt Pink and Leo and create my doodle breeding business to introduce you to this breed.

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